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Self Help

At the Tip of Your Fingers

'If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.' Henry Ford

If you are struggling with an unhelpful emotion (causing negative behaviours) or just want change in your life there is no better place to start that with yourself. If there is a specific tool or technique you'd like to see just drop me a line and I'll add something. Much Love Jo xxxx

Just 10 Minutes.png

Just 10 minutes

Another handout to help with your daily self care practice... in just 10 minutes.

Happy Chemicals.jpg

Happiness Chemicals

Another one page JPG to help you take control of your own wellbeing.

Lets talk neurotransmitters.jpg

Brain Talk

Let's talk neurotransmitters... a basic explanation on how brain chemicals affect our  mental health.

Learning tips for managing anxiety.jpg

Anxiety Self Help

Some handy tips on how you cane help yourself if you are experiencing anxiety.


How to deal with Guilt

Some handy tips on dealing with guilt.

Sleeping Baby

How long should you nap?

What would you say the optimum time to nap is? 

Cause and Effect (Instagram Post).png

Cause and Effect

Are you in control or do you allow others (or events) to control you?

You got this.jpg

Anger Management

If your anger is out of control try some of these simple self help techniques. 

Self Care Tips.png

Self Care Tips

Some handy tips on how you cane help yourself if you are experiencing anxiety.


Menu Planner

Do you struggle with wasting food and not knowing what to cook? I use this weekly menu planner for planning meals and shopping which means a lot less waste.

Image by Vladislav Muslakov

Are you getting enough sleep?

Find out how important sleep is when dealing with anxiety, depression and anger.

Image by Ale Romo Photography

How breathing affects our emotions

Find out why breathing affects our emotions.


Benefits of Breathwork

Find out about just some of the benefits of breathwork.

Communication Styles.jpg

Communication Styles

Do you struggle with communication? Have a look at what style you (and those around you) are using.

Image by Adi Goldstein

Taking things personally

Do you take things personally from time to time? Try these tips they might help.

Image by Florian Schmetz

Yes, No, Maybe

Have you ever tried using a pendulum if you have a question you want answering... no... then have a go!



Don't let excuses get in the way of your achieving your dream or goal.

Jo Jones Planning.jpg

What actions work for you?

Understand what actions work for you for particular problems.


How NOT to change

Do you self sabotage any change you are trying to make in your life?

Brain Development and the Young Adult.jpg

Brain Development

Learn about how the brain develops in early childhood to adolescence.


Feelings Wheel

Do you struggle with recognising emotions? If you do the feelings wheel might help...

A basic lesson in chemistry.jpg

Helping yourself

Some helpful tips to use when you need to boost your own brain chemicals.

Golden Star

Wishing Star

Happy thoughts and positive blessings at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Why do we worry?

Ever wondered of the effects of worry and what we can do to help ourselves?

Image by Marc Schaefer

Mood Diary

Log your daily activities to see which you enjoy... and which you don't.

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