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I talk a lot about giving back and sharing. In an attempt to give a little I truly hope these articles, resources and links help. Please feel free to share.
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How to deal with guilt

​Some handy tips on dealing with guilt.

Career choices

​Handy hints and tips for anyone looking to change career and do not know what direction to choose and how to make the change.

Yes, No, Maybe

​Have you ever tried using a pendulum if you have a question you want answering? I use them personally and professionally. Do you want to find out more? Take a look at our free 'how to' guide. Have fun with it!

Wishing Star

​Happy thoughts and positive blessings. I know that sometimes it is hard to think positive thoughts.... To help me through these times I have a wishing star jar (well it's a metal heart tin) and when the mood takes me I write positive affirmations on tiny paper wishing stars.

Don't let excuses get in the way of you achieving your goal or dream.

Are you getting enough sleep?

If you suffer from anxiety, anger or depression find out why sleep will help.

Why do we worry?

PDF suitable to help children (and adults) understand why we worry / feel anxiety.

Representational System

Explanation of each representational system.

What is your primary representation?

Find out what your representational system is.

How long to nap?

What would you say the the optimum nap time is? Find out by reading this article.

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