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Free Resources for Young People
Image by Alysha Rosly

Healthy Self Talk Tips

How we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on our emotions and behaviour. Learn ways in which you can change your self talk from negative to positive.

Image by Karla Hernandez

How BIG is my problem?

An easy to read scale which will help you understand how you can help yourself when something bad or upsetting happens.

Image by Rafał Szczawiński

Breathing Technique

An easy to use breathing technique that will help you gain control of panic or anxiety. You can try this technique anywhere!

Image by Daniel Cheung

Simple breathing technique for children

Simple and easy to learn (and fun) breathing techniques to help a child who suffers with anxiety or has a particular worry they are struggling to get rid of.

Image by Christopher Beloch

I LOVE me because...

Fill the tree in with things that you love about yourself, print it off and hang it somewhere you can see it. Make sure you read it everyday.

String Lights in Jar

Happy thoughts

I know that sometimes it is hard to think positive thoughts.... Get the people around you to write something nice about you and place it in the jar. Use it for days when you are feeling a bit down.

Grounding Exercise.jpg

Feeling calm and safe again

A simple exercise for everyone to use if your anxiety / panic is taking over. Take a few minutes to try out this grounding exercise.

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