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Your Success Stories

Your Success Stories

How on earth did we not know this! Simple techniques have changed the way I look at things and have helped me get over a serious hurdle I never thought I would.  I can't tell you what this means to me Jo. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


It's been fantastic.  The guided exercises made me really think deeply about what matters most to me, and to reassess what I'm doing with my life.  The Time to Change course has invigorated me and made me more hopeful for the future, and excited about the journey that I've started on.


Thanks for this programme . I have managed to complete the whole course and found it very invigorating. Day 2 “excuses” I could have sat down and cried as everything came down to me not making the effort. As I have I proceeded through each day I have become more positive in my thoughts on how I can lose weight and what I need to do. I struggled a bit with day 8, as there wasn’t anything that I didn’t want to eat, but just to eat less of (chocolate).

I have since started to walk to work a couple of days each week and have modified my eating, (I have had only 1 flake bar in the last 3 weeks) rather than eating a whole large bar of chocolate. I have already lost 6lbs, and each time I have a negative thought I re-read through my journal to ensure that my thoughts and actions are positive.


This may sound silly but I never understood the connection between my thinking and my emotions and behaviours. 

I cannot thank you enough, this has had such a positive effect on me and my family.

Mrs S

I have a lot to thank you for and am grateful for your help and helping to point me in the right direction, you are a marvellous lady.


I am so glad I met you and started this program :) thank you thank you thank you


I cannot believe how quickly your treatments worked on me. They are such easy things to change. Everyone should have a go!

It was a little spooky how you totally understood what I was thinking even when I didn't say anything. I see small changes each day; like you said things would change and I would see the changes gradually take place. I am so chuffed I had the courage to come and see you Jo, thank you.

Mrs J

I've seen other councellors over the years, they were great don't get me wrong, but you are totally different. You really care, you never watched your clock and you were always available over email inbetween the sessions giving me support and encouragement. 

When we had the initial meeting you told me you were different and I thought it was just words to be honest. You really are. I believe it is because you care so much that you have such a huge impact. You have on me and I am sure you have on others too. I am so glad we met. 

Thank you so much and using your words :) With Love x


The Time to Change programme has changed my life. I know that's a big claim to make, but it's very much true. or a long time I have suffered with very low self-esteem, and anxiety. My main problem when facing change is that I take on too much in one go, and like trying to carry a weeks shopping in your arms, I tended to end up dropping everything and trying to start from scratch every time. Even with a supportive partner and family, it's sometimes so difficult just to know where to begin, and then there's trying to cope

with the barriers and obstacles that you invariably face when trying to change something.

The programme gives you access to a Facebook page where you can meet others who are on their own journeys towards life-long changes. The support you can find on the Facebook page and at Your Wellbeing UK is invaluable at helping you along the way. Now it does mention that this programme isn't meant as a one size fits all solution, and it won't solve your problems overnight. You really do have to be ready to change, and ready to put in the work, but the tasks and projects you're sent are actually a lot of fun, and thought provoking. And although there are some really challenging days, there really is something for everyone in this programme and tools you can refer to for life to help you no matter what you want our of life.

I'm still on my journey towards change but I've learned so much, and with many small steps I know I will reach my goal. Knowing I have access to support from the Your Wellbeing UK website and Facebook page for as long as I like makes all the difference. I honestly can't recommend it enough.  xxxx


I've missed out on so many family holidays due to not being able to fly. You have totally changed my life. Words don't cut it.


The course was absolutely helpful. I will be continuing with the learning. For me the best part was the unnecessary negative thinking that the course helped me correct. I do have certain days when I get back to the bad habit, but now I recognise it and correct it before it gets the better of me and ruins my day. 

Thank you for this program , it really helps. I wont say it is absolutely effortless, but once it becomes a way of life , it will become second nature and thats what I am working on :)


Day three is a really good day. I would like to spend a bit of time over it, also to practice meditation which I know is a great skill to learn.

By the way I think everyone should take this program. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't benefit from it 😊


I thought I'd let you know that I've been doing so well, I feel like everything is looking up now.

Lots of love xxxxxx


I actually want to go our for the first time since my teenage years. I feel excited!


I'm not sure what I would have done without you over the past few months. I feel ready to 'go it alone' and safe knowing you are only a phone call or email away. Thank you Jo x


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