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Think Yourself Slim

Are you a serial dieter and have tried every diet available? Do you find that you start well and then lose motivation? Do you obsess about food and exercise and do nothing about it? Many people struggle with weight control. They start one diet after another; lose a little weight, and then stop. Many people do not understand why this happens.

There could be many reasons and one of those reasons will be thinking. Learning to understand your thinking patterns is the first step in knowing what you need to change. Another reason will be motivation. Many people start their journey to weight management and better health with negative motivation ‘I don’t want to be fat’ or ‘I need to be healthier’. This is why they will start and stop things. Changing the motivation to be towards something positive is deal maker.

Some people just need that little extra support. We have developed a programme that will allow you to take control of your weight and health and not for your weight and health to take control of you and better still the programme is FREE!

Here are some statistics dieting published by Mintel in 2014 that blew me away:

Which one (or number) of the above statistics have you added to? If you are struggling you are not alone; those statistics prove that.

If you feel you have tried everything and do not know what to do next why not try our Think Yourself Slim programme?

For more information contact take a look at our programme information at:

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