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My Journey

I talked about change last week. I thought it would be good to share my journey with you…. It might help you understand a little more about wanting to make a change and the struggles you might have / are encountering and more importantly not to give up. If there is something you want badly enough, it’s worth the effort.

I knew I wanted to change my vocation quite a few years ago. Maybe it was when Kiran started to grow and I wanted to show him there was more, maybe it was just because I knew there was another path for me. I don’t question the why too much, I just know that I needed a change.

I started looking at ME and I read dozens of self help books trying to find what it was I was looking for. I did a great deal of changing over that time and all the books opened my eyes to one thing or another; they all gave me something. I then started to look at my career and at whether this was the area I had to change. It definitely was, however I wasn’t sure what else I would do and there were concerns about how I would make sure that as a family we didn’t suffer financially. I didn’t dislike my work; I just knew it wasn’t my ‘calling’. I have met so many wonderful people through my job (my husband included) and have learned so much and I would like to say that even knowing my heart wasn’t where it should have been I always put in 110% effort.

Around 6/7 years ago I was introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and I was totally blown away by the simplicity of the techniques and the power they had to help change. I knew I didn’t want to rely on NLP alone (I’ll talk about that in another BLOG) so I started to make a plan of action (I chunked up what needed to happen for me to reach my goal). My plan of action included re-training (whilst doing a 60 plus hour a week job and looking after my family) and ensuring financial stability. Those of you who know me, will know that I love lists - I truly am a project manager at heart. Over the past 6/7 years I have slowly – with a few stop/starts – managed to achieve everything on my plan. We became debt free last year (January 2015) and I also managed to gain all the qualifications I needed to.

I thought long and hard about giving up my salaried existence. This was a block for me, one I wasn’t expecting, but in hindsight an obvious block. I was used to earning a large salary and something inside me just didn’t want to give it up. I had great excuses not to give it up to; my family need the money, what about all the charities I support, I like my position and I like knowing I earn a good wage. After deeper inspection, that old friend EGO (I’ll also talk about this in another BLOG too) was shouting the loudest – or should I say, I was listening to my EGO more than anything else. I needed to think in the present, the NOW. I also needed to believe in my ability; I’m working on that one daily!

So with a full heart and a lot of planning – it is really important for me to state this as I would never expect people to just make a leap of faith if they were not quite ready for it – I have made the jump. It was not an easy road to travel, but at 47 I knew it was something I needed to do for ME. That is another key to successful change…. Make sure you are doing it for YOUrself.

There is more than one way to achieve your goal, to live your dream, you just need to ‘chunk things up’ into whatever size fits you. With help and support we can all do this, no matter what our goal is. I will provide you with the tools, techniques, guidance, support, encouragement. This is a huge cliché I know, but you only get one go of this life, make it count and follow your heart.

What does your journey look and feel like? Do you need a hand getting started? Why not take a look at our online courses, to celebrate spring and just because we want to help you can trial a course for FREE so you have nothing to lose!


With Love xxxx

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