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Sending the LOVE

Hi everyone, my first BLOG in nearly two years. I have continued to support people at a therapeutic level in my spare time.

I'm writing this during unprecedented times whilst the world works through the very real impacts of the coronavirus.

I’ve spoken to several people this week who were either anxious, not sleeping, feeling extremely vulnerable, not sure what to do, catastrophising or a mixture of emotions; everything you would expect people to feel during this time. It makes it so important for us to ensure we support each other and manage our wellbeing during this time.

There are loads of free resources on my website that will help, and indeed across the Internet. Here’s a link to some techniques to help you relax and de-stress:

I am also available on email if there are any specific things I can help with. I'm happy to share tips and techniques to help you manage you own mental health.

Wishing you all good health. Stay safe. With Love xxxx

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