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Let's talk motivation...

I'm pushing myself to ensure that I provide everyone with different communication mediums so have created a number of videos to support this. This month it is all about motivation. We all struggle from time to time with motivation, that's natural. However, you can help yourself and ensure that you are not self sabotaging your goal or change or removal of a problem.

Some additional tips to help if you have too much away-from motivation and too little ‘towards':

1. As you think about what you want to get away from, imagine moving it away from you until it’s small and distant. Usually this will reduce unpleasant feelings.

2. Think about what you want instead of what you want to get away from. Get very clear about what this will look like, sound like, and feel like. Adjust your image until you are strongly motivated to get there. Usually imagining a big, bright, 3d picture of it will give you the strongest motivation, especially if you add sound as well.

Alternatively, if this works better for you, write a one-page description of where you want to get to. Revise your description as much as you need to make it really compelling.

3. Check the proportions of your motivation again. If the ‘away-from’ component is still over 30%, imagine that you’ve taken some action already and got some way towards your goal. What does the away-from component feel like now?

4. If imagining what you want doesn’t come easily to you, think about your values – what’s important to you. This should help you to get clearer about what you want.

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