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Is it YOUR Time to Change?

It's been a year of change for most of us and in one way or another we have had to adapt.

For some it has been a time where they can reflect on what they really want out of life; whether that is their professional or personal lives. Change isn't easy, it needs to be something you really want, something you are ready to work on. Change is more difficult to adapt to if you didn't choose that path. Change can be exciting and provide long lost motivation; it is the making of a lot of people.

For the last 30 (odd) years I've worked in the IT consultancy space and in parallel for over five year I have also been providing therapy to lots of people on a part time basis. It is my 'Time for Change' as from November I will embark on my therapy business full time. I am extremely excited and motivated towards my change.

This particular BLOG is aimed at people who also want to change or have a goal they would like to achieve. A lot of people can feel overwhelmed with change and just don’t know where to start. You may have started, stopped, started and stopped again and are now just feeling disheartened. It might be that circumstance has meant that you need to re-think your path but feel stuck.

So, is it YOUR Time to Change?

It doesn’t matter how big or small your goal is or how big or small the change. I have a 'Time to Change' 30 day programme can help. It will be that positive arm around you guiding you forward, providing you with new tools and techniques, and sometimes asking tough questions but above all ensuring that you achieve your goal or make that change and for it to have lasting effect.

I also offer face to face sessions for those of you who need that one on one regular support.

If you are ready for change please contact me

I'll be providing my services in many ways as I adapt to the recent changes introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic. I am offering face to face (with all the requisite precautions in place), over the phone/ZOOM and also have a number of online courses people can use.

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