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Consistency Matters

Life is messy... we have great days, bad days, we have days when we love the world and then days when we just feel angry, we can be motivated and energised, then just feel deflated. We swing from one emotion to the next depending on too many factors to mention in this BLOG. We really are complex beings!

Anyone of us can perform when the situation is ideal, however it's how we react when our emotions are all over the place that counts. It is really easy for us to say 'I give up' or 'this is too hard' or even to blame other things / other people when our emotions are heightened.

One of the points (and there are lots of things) I make to all the people I support is that it is so important to be consistent with self care, especially if you have a toolkit of techniques that we know work for you. Continuing to use these techniques is critical to recovery and sustaining good mental health.

Emotions such as anxiety, depression and anger (to name a few) are all there as self care mechanisms. You cannot complete rid yourself of anxiety for example, because it is a natural part of the human condition. You can however learn how to control it so that it becomes a temporary state and not an emotional state that's debilitating.

Finding a technique (or techniques) that works for you is key to being consistent - it would be hard being consistent if you were given a technique that just didn't sit right with you. So, if you have tools or techniques that work for you and keep you mentally resilient make sure you are consistently doing these things, every day, even if you are in a great place. Continuing to practice these techniques will mean that they become positive habits.

As a therapist, I can facilitate change, however it is you who has to take control and be in it with purpose for any change to take affect. Change is hard, however if that change means that you gain back control of your mental health it is worth the effort... isn't it?

If you have things that work for you, keep doing them and if you don't yet have any techniques that work then keep looking... there are literally thousands of things you can do to help yourself.

As always, you know where I am if you need anything. There are lots of tools and techniques on my website that are free and if none of these work then ask me about other techniques I may have and I'll gladly share them with you.

Much Love Jo xxxx

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