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How NOT to change

I talk a lot about change and what you need to do to elicit change. What I haven’t touched on is ‘how not to change’. I have included a list of ‘things’ that are recipes for inertia. Can you see any of these in yourself?

  1. Maximise the fear of the unknown

  2. Spend a lot of time with people who think about problems the same way

  3. Don’t finish anything you start

  4. Create debilitating isolation

  5. Presume change is too much effort

  6. Have unrealistic time frames for change

  7. Have limiting beliefs about yourself (I can’t, I shouldn’t, someone told me I wasn’t good enough)

  8. Never think about avenues

  9. Give up

  10. Believe it may not happen

  11. Believe in your fears

  12. Doubt your own competence….. always

  13. Avoid personal psychology books and change seminars

  14. Denigrate change and praise the past

  15. Worry about the effect of change on others…. And do nothing

  16. Avoid thinking about change

  17. Accept you can’t do anything

  18. Don’t plan

  19. Shoot down ideas with other ideas to create a diversion

  20. Form a committee for change and have daily meetings with compulsory attendance

  21. Never deviate from routines

  22. Keep yourself under constant pressure

  23. Accept NO for an answer

  24. Create a very large standard manual

  25. Be conflicted and blame others

  26. Become cynical

  27. Above all, never dream

  28. Think I can do everything or I should do everything

  29. Never accept support or ask for support

  30. Think that it is better the ‘devil you know’

The list could go on. Do you get the picture? All of the above (even one or two of the above) will have a debilitating effect on anything you are trying to change for the positive. You need to deal with them head on.

Start to think about you are self-sabotaging any positive change in your life. Take control of your own destiny.

Is it your time to change?

Until next time, with Love xxxx

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