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Tough Decisions

We all have tough decisions to make on a daily basis. Some are more life changing than others; they could shape your future. When you make a decision is it hampered by how you currently feel or by the past? If you are feeling negative or have negativity in your past (which most of us do) your decision making may be irrational.

Here are some hints and tips on ‘how to make a tough decision’.

Think Mindset:

Have you ever tried writing it down? You can document the decision you need to make and use ‘Cartesian Questions’ (one of our free resources) to discover the advantages and disadvantages of any important decision you need to make. Ensure that you include the impact of other people in your life if the decision is a life changing decision.

It may also help for you to write down a list of pros and cons. This is something you can do, sleep on and then re-evaluate.

Ask a trusted friend:

If ever I have an important decision to make I will always ask a couple of people who know me and whose opinion matters. I will always get another perspective, which is always helpful. I tend to make decisions from the heart.

A trusted friend (or family member) will always play devil’s advocate which may make you think of other angles.

Ask an expert:

If you are thinking of changing career or moving to another country why not ‘google it’ to see what other peoples experiences have been.

Sleep on it:

If the decision you need to make is life changing make sure that you sleep on it. Sometimes we don’t recognise all sources initially. Taking a break will allow your unconscious mind to continue to work on solving any problems and allowing new ideas to flow.

Allowing yourself this time will also ensure that you are thinking clearer; sometimes thinking too hard on a decision means that we get stuck in a mental dead end.

Be aware of your emotions:

Sometimes our emotional state affects the way we approach decisions. I read that generally we tend to be more focused and analytical when we are sad and more reliant on gut instinct when we are happy.

The grass is not always greener:

We sometimes let our emotions get in the way of thinking – I know I can do this. Keep in mind ‘different’ is now always ‘better’.

Use your Pendulum:

You can use Pendulum to answer any burning questions you may have. Take a look at our article ‘Yes, No, Maybe’ to find out more.

Don’t overthink things:

On the converse of what has already been said, you can also overthink a decision. Sometimes having too much information can constrain your ability to make a decision. This will of course depend on what sort of person you are.

Hopefully the next time you’re faced with a tough choice you’ll be well-armed.

With Love xxxx

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