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Why we do what we do

When I worked in the corporate world one of my colleagues shared a ‘Ted Talk’ with me – if you have never watched a Ted Talk google it, some of them are well worth the listen. This particular ‘Ted Talk’ was from a guy called Simon Sinek and it was called ‘Start with Why’. The video was focused at the business world; however it made me think about it from a personal perspective.

We all have busy lives and we don’t generally take the time to ask ourselves ‘why we do what we do’. We think about what we are doing and maybe how we are doing it.

We should be focusing on why we are doing something as opposed to what we are actually doing. The ‘why’ is our purpose, cause and belief. Together our purpose, cause and belief inspire us to do what you do; they are our positive motivation, our drive.

The ‘why’ is your starting point in creating a beginning based on a feeling that is strong in you; it is reflected in your values.

Once you understand the ‘why’ you can then work on the ‘how’ and the ‘what’. As a general rule we do tend to look at the ‘what’ first which may not be generated by our values.

Having a clear understanding of your ‘why’ will give you context on everything you do in your life. If other people know your ‘why’ it provides them an opportunity to share in your ‘why’; it will encourage like mindedness.

My ‘why’ is about helping people; people are my passion and when I studied the techniques and tools I use as part of my business I wanted to share. At the core of my ‘why’ is love, it is that simple.

What is your ‘why’?

If you have a goal or a change that has failed try thinking about your ‘why’. It will ensure that you are working from your core (your values and beliefs). If you ​have that, the rest will come.

If you need to support to help you get to the why we can help. Book an initial consultation today to find out how we can help.

With Love xxxx

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