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This week is all about meditation. We are living in a busy world, with busy lives. We can get wrapped up in our thoughts, always moving from one thing to the next and not taking time to STOP.

All too often we find that our heads are full of thoughts that we don’t feel we can order because there are too many of them. They are generally involuntary / compulsive thoughts.

Having a head full of compulsive thoughts is like having a washing machine full of clothes. The clothes are jumbled and spinning around and around. You need the washing machine to stop to allow you to take the clothes out one by one to put them in order. This is not too dissimilar to our minds. We need our mind to stop before we can be present and make space for us to order our thoughts appropriately. When our mind is quiet creativity flows and we find answers to our problems.

Our brainwaves have been charted and examined, this is scientific fact. It is documented that the best moments for creativity (those Eureka flashes) occur mostly when the theta waves are a majority. This is also when we are verging between waking and sleeping (state of meditation).

For those of you that like the details I thought it would be useful to include some data around our brainwave frequencies and what we experience at each level:

The Theta level (which is the level you achieve when meditating) is associated with increased recall, creativity, imagery and visualisation, free flowing thought, future planning, inspiration, drowsiness and is present during dreaming and REM states.

All you need is to practice 10 minutes of meditation at a convenient time every day to see how it feels to incorporate a disciplined meditation practice into your life.

We have a number of free meditations on our website:

Why not have a go and feel the benefits for yourself.

Please be aware that like everything in life, it may not click in first time, you do need to practice.

With Love xxxx

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