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Ring of Confidence

We all need a boost of confidence (or motivation, happiness, tranquility, control etc) every now and then. This weeks BLOG is a share of an NLP technique called 'ring of confidence'. Anyone can use it, anytime, anywhere and it's simple to learn.

Before you start the exercise you need to think about a time when you felt absolute confidence. There will be a time; it may be deep inside you. Take the time now to think about it, you will need that feeling to complete the exercise.

  • Imagine a ‘ring of confidence’ in front of you as a circle about 2 feet in diameter. This can also be another shape if you like; mine is a heart.

  • Now remember a time when you were totally confident. This can be anything at all. If it is an image think of the image now.

  • Go back to that time; feel the feelings that you felt, hear any sounds associated with the image. If there are any smells or tastes associated with the image then imagine them too. Get to a stage when those feelings are at their greatest.

  • Now step forward onto your circle (or whatever shape you decided to use). Feel the confidence rise up from the floor below you, double and triple those feelings, really enjoy standing in that state of confidence.

  • Once you notice the feelings subside step out of the circle.

  • Now you can test your new ‘ring of confidence’. Imagine yourself putting your shape down in front of you and step into the shape. What do you feel? If the anchor has worked then you will feel a huge sense of confidence. If it doesn’t work repeat the steps above again and make sure you are using a time when you really felt confident.

You can take the ‘ring of confidence’ with you anywhere; imagine you have picked it up and put it in your pocket or bag or wherever you can easily access it. No-one need know you have it with you; this is yours and can be invoked wherever you want. All you need to do is take out the circle (or shape you chose) imagine yourself placing it on the ground and step into it to get your immediate confidence boost.

You can use this technique to invoke other states, such as motivation, happiness, calm, tranquillity, control, relaxation etc.

With Love xxxx

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