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Is your EGO your servant or master?

What part does the EGO play in our lives? It can dictate our entire life if we don’t understand how to master it.

The EGO is vulnerable, insecure and clingy. It sees itself as constantly under threat. The EGO is not necessarily good or bad, except when selfishness dominates our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. A positive sense of self gives us confidence and purpose, but a more negative and self-centered EGO makes us unconcerned with other people's feelings; it thrives on the idea of me-first.

The EGO is a complex structure that sits in your conscious mind and very deeply in your subconscious. It is your thoughts and your beliefs, it is what you think is completely true!

The EGO has a number of identifications – possessions, status, recognition, appearance, belief system, knowledge, racial, religious and other collective identifications.

So, how can you master your EGO? As I constantly say ‘we are what we think’ and mastering your EGO starts with changing your thought process. It is difficult to change old beliefs and habits we have picked up along the years so you need to start small with a firm goal in mind. Here are a few tips on how to go about mastering your EGO.

  • It is all about the Love! Choose Love.

  • Do nice things; give yourself freely without the need for gain.

  • Meditation will allow your mind and your EGO to become quiet. Quiet time is good…. It allows solutions to problems and new ideas to shine.

  • Learn to forgive.

  • Ask yourself when enough is enough.

  • Is it important to always be right? Ask yourself to see an opinion from another person’s viewpoint – put yourself in the ‘third person’.

  • Don’t identify yourself with material accomplishments.

  • Stop yourself before you say anything negative; let it ride.

  • Be grateful; even the smallest things like someone smiling at you justifies gratitude.

  • Practice, practice, practice – habits were never made in one day so to break a cycle will also take longer than one day.

If you feel you have emotional baggage holding you back then why not book an initial FREE session at Your Wellbeing UK, sometimes we just need a little help in the right direction. Make today the day that you change your life for the better and realise your potential.

With Love xxxx

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