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Brief Therapy

This week I wanted to talk about Brief Therapy. What is it?

Brief therapy is different to other types of therapy. The therapist works more pro-actively with the client in order to treat the problem faster. Brief Therapy is all about being brief and focusing on solutions rather than on the problems. Depending on the type of brief therapy used it works directly with the conscious and unconscious mind; CBT works on the conscious and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) /Hypnotherapy/Time Line Therapy (TLT) works with the unconscious mind. Using all brief therapies together has greater impact for the client.

CBT is an action based therapy; the client is responsible for all actions and become their own coach. You are taught tools and techniques that you can use to help with any problem; now and in the future. You learn about your thought process and how all our thoughts have an impact on our behaviours and emotions.

NLP is also action based; where the therapist facilities all change at an unconscious level. NLP is very quick acting and non-invasive; meaning you don’t have to relive any pain from the past for the treatment to have effect. TLT is a process developed alongside NLP; it is an extremely powerful technique and fast acting. Removing negative states and limiting beliefs can be an extremely powerful and emotional experience.

I also tend to combine meditation because I believe that meditation allows our mind quiet time; a time when you can help yourself by allowing your unconscious mind to help solve problems or allowing your inspirational ideas to flow.

One of the most important aspects of Brief Therapy is the general tone and attitude that is taken by the therapist. The overall attitude is positive, respectful, and hopeful. People are strongly resilient and continuously utilise this to make positive change. Further, there is a strong belief that most people have the strength, wisdom, and experience to effect change. I have witnessed some amazing transformations; mine included!

What other therapies view as “resistance” is generally seen as people’s natural protective mechanisms or realistic desire to be cautious and go slowly, or a therapist error, i.e., an intervention that does not fit the clients’ situation. All of these make for sessions that tend to feel institutional rather than ordered and cooperative rather than confrontational.

Brief Therapy has taken almost 30 years to develop and can be contributed to many individuals; Milton Eriksson, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls, Gary Craig, amongst many others. Brief Therapies continue to evolve and change.

Traditional therapy tends to focus on talking, analysing and thinking about the problem as the problem goes on.

I decided to term my services as life coaching, because I believe I facilitate change and you go through the change and become the coach. All the services we provide at Your Wellbeing UK are classed as brief therapies. I accept that there are many paths, all of which and specifically a combination of all turn out to be extremely effective.

If you feel you could benefit from our services drop me a line or book your FREE initial consultation using our online booking service.

With Love xxxx

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