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Pay it forward

A few years ago I watched one of the loveliest films ever; it was uplifting and heart breaking all at the same time! The film was called ‘Pay it forward’.

The basis of the film was that if someone does you a good deed don’t just pay the favour back, pay it forward. Choose at least three people and perform a random act of kindness for them asking them to do the same by paying it forward to another three people and so on.

There is now an International ‘Pay it forward’ day, which happens to be the 30th of April. Some of you may have taken part in it already?

I did it a few years ago - although it was for five people - and I managed to do something for four out of the five people I chose.

This weeks BLOG is simply about kindness and in the spirit of kindness I am going to ask you to consider performing a random act of kindness to one, two or three people (or however many you would like).

I would love you to post any updates on the Your Wellbeing UK Facebook page.

Here are a few ideas from the UK Pay It Forward website and a few thrown in for good measure:

  • Can for kindness - you can collect cans of non-perishable foods and give to a foodbank or other organisation who would benefit

  • Book Giving - Collect books and distribute to needy groups

  • Charity Day - Sausage sizzle, selling chocolates etc. to raise money for a local charity in need

  • Buying the train or bus ticket for the person behind you

  • Donating some of your professional services to someone in need on the day, for example - free hour consultation

  • Buy a stranger a cup of coffee

  • On a rainy day, buy a few umbrellas and give them to those who don't have one and are getting wet

  • Visit your local church, community group or voluntary agency and ask if there is any family that might need your help or volunteer an hour of your time

With Love xxxx

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