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Mind, Body and Spirit

Taking care of our mind, body and spirit ensures complete balance. What on earth does that mean? I’m going to try to explain my thoughts about our mind, body and spirit in this weeks blog.

We live in times that are extremely stressed and when we are under pressure we feel like we have no time. When we have no time we sometimes make the wrong food choices, purely for ease. When we make the wrong food choices it may make us feel lethargic or hyper. This may then lead to lack of sleep or feeling that we need more sleep. Lack of sleep or sleeping too much may cause issues personally or at work. These feelings may cause emotional distress. I’ll stop now; you know what I mean I’m sure. It’s a cycle, and if you let it, it will become a vicious cycle.

If we are out of balance it makes normal functioning a lot harder; if not impossible. These unhealthy habits that we create don’t happen overnight, they develop over time and there may be many different reasons for them too – what I noted above was an extreme example to draw a picture.

The good news is that we can break these bad habits and negative cycles. We can add a little physical exercise into our daily routine; exercise is known to elevate your mood, decrease anxiety as well as accelerate the creation of new brain cells. We have a choice about what we eat, how we eat it and when we eat it; nutrition is key to maintaining emotional and physical health. There are hundreds of tools and techniques available that work on our spirit, most of which are free and easy to do. Our spirit needs to know it has a purpose for being, it needs to belong and it needs to follow a life that is in harmony with our beliefs and values. Our mind needs clarity, achievable goals, love, structure and a little quiet; practicing meditation and positive thinking support both our mind and spirit.

We do develop bad habits don’t we? We push our way through life sometimes oblivious to what we are doing to ourselves or what we are allowing people to do to us. We have a choice; the choice is with us as individuals. We can continue to push on as we do today, OR we can make a choice to change and ensure that our mind, body and spirit are balanced so that we are the best we can be.

Shout out to yourself now ‘I have a choice and I’m going to make the right choices from NOW on’.

Start making small changes, never tackle everything at once. If you feel you can make one small change with your eating choices, make it NOW. If it sounds good to you to exercise once a week, start it NOW. If you can see the benefits of a 10 minute daily meditation, do it NOW.

It helps me to make a note of things – I love to cross things off a list! If this will help you why not start a list – DO NOT put everything down at once, start small to ensure that you succeed. Let us know how you get on or if you need any help.

As I mentioned there are many free resources available for you to use AND there is also our Time to Change programme. The programme helps you connect with your mind, body and spirit and embed healthy and positive habits. We also provide a life coaching service which if you feel you need that extra one on one support, it gives you just that.

If you would like to give it a go email me for more information

With Love xxxx

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