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It seems fitting this week to talk about inspiration.

I have been and am blessed to have so many people (and animals) in my life that inspire me, from close friends and family to people who you meet randomly who have a tale to tell that provides you with hidden blessings. I also get inspiration from nature, music, singing birds, the touch of something special, taste; lots of things really.

I know how difficult it is if you have a goal that you believe is out of reach; you don’t know where to start or you start and fear gets in the way of you actually making that final leap of faith.

I want to share with you all one person who inspired me to forget about fear and grab your dream with both hands. He is a young man called Stephen Sutton, someone I have never met but feel as though I know (take a look at Stephens Story on Facebook or #StephensStory or @_StephensStory). Stephen Sutton was fighting an incurable cancer and in the beginning he put together a bucket list of 46 things he wanted to achieve in the time he had left. His Facebook page spiralled and became a sort of community for others. He then put his bucket list aside (he did actually achieve most of what he set out to do) and decided that his one goal would be to help others. He did this with humour, motivation, positivity and purpose.

Stephen sadly lost his battle in May 2014, however his legacy remains and todate he has raised over £5 million (yeah, 5 million) for Teenage Cancer Trust.

I thanked him once on his Facebook page and thank him again because I get to live my dream each day now and I LOVE IT. The words that inspired me were:

‘From someone who wants more time in this world, please don’t waste yours, you’d be amazed what you can achieve when you try.’

If you would like a bit of Stephens’s inspiration you can find his speeches and much more on

Who or what inspires you?

With Love xxxx

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