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Welcome to my first blog.

Today marks a really special time for me. I finished my job with KPMG (an organisation I’ve loved working for by the way) and after 6 (or more) long years of planning and changing I’m eventually going to be starting a new journey; the Your Wellbeing UK journey.

My first blog is all about CHANGE. When I talk about change I am talking about it in the context of making a positive change – which may also mean removing negative things. I am also talking about personal change; that is something that you want to do for yourself, not matter what the motivation.

As I’ve been telling people about my journey and the fact that I wanted to start Your Wellbeing a number of them asked me ‘who my target audience were’. To me that is a simple question to answer…. It’s everyone. I truly believe that everyone wants to make a change, whatever it might be.

Some people may need help to change a problem (depression, lack of confidence, anxiety, OCD, anger, abuse etc.), some people may want help to achieve a goal (losing weight, climbing mount Everest, getting a better job, finding love, becoming fitter, sleeping better etc.) and some people may want help removing bad habits (stop smoking, cut down on drinking, eating healthily, overspending, drug misuse etc.).

To ensure that any change you want to make in your life is long lasting, first you need to WANT to change. This might sound a little strange; however think about it for a minute. Think about a time you’ve said you wanted to do something but it never happened for one reason or another. The reasons could be for example; it’s too hard, person x will not let me, I can’t find the time to do it, I did OK for a few days then went back to my old ways, I’m too scared to change….. The list of reasons (which could be substituted for excuses) are endless. It is so important to make sure that YOU want to change, which is why one of my free resources is all about ‘change’. Have a read and see how you feel afterwards.

If it is time for that change and you need some support, guidance and advice along the way to make sure the change is long lasting then here at Your Wellbeing we can help you achieve it. We have many tools and techniques we can use to ensure YOU take control and make those lasting changes.

With love xxxx

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