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Online Subscription

The Online Subscription will provide you with specific courses, tools, techniques and self hypnosis audio to help you manage your own mental health. Some people move in an out of various unhelpful states (anxiety, anger, stress, mild depression etc) and may not feel they require counselling or therapy. If this is you and you just want to learn how to control these states then the subscription service is for you. 


You will be given access to a number of courses, self hypnosis scripts, tools and techniques to enable you to become your own coach; so you effectively help yourself. You will make positive changes no matter what you would like to work on.

I will be adding new content monthly and the subscription can be cancelled at any time.


What are you waiting for... support your mental and emotional wellbeing today.

  • Online Subscription

    Valid for 3 months
    • Access to our online courses, tools and techniques.
    • Self hypnosis scripts ready for you to listen to.
    • New content added monthly.
    • No obligation, you can cancel at any time.

If you feel you need more than just the online subscription please book an free initial consultation to see how I can help. 

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