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Jackie's Story

Jackie had had a fear of flying since she was a child (she also had a fear of public transport). She missed out on all family holidays abroad and had a string of failed relationships behind her due to the fact that she would never go on holiday abroad with her partners - I have to say that she never told her partners that she had a fear of flying! These phobias were causing a real issue in Jackie's life and were also causing her to suffer bouts of depression, anxiety and self sabotage. The fear was extremely debilitating.

Jackie was a classic case of a phobia and I was able to help Jackie resolve her phobia of flying and public transport in just six sessions using a combination of NLP and hypnosis. Jackie still listens to my hypnotic recording the week before a flight, but I think that this is just her way of control. 

Jackie has been to loads of places since being supported and I am pleased to say can now use all modes of public transport.

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