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Goals and Success

One of the techniques I use in my practice in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Where CBT is very action based and the put the process of change in their hands so that new change becomes conscious/automatic; NLP is different in that we work with the unconscious mind to change erroneous beliefs/values. With NLP you still need to ‘be in it with purpose’ for change to be successful and have lasting effect.

If you are on a journey of change you need to understand and 100% believe in the principles of success.  Here they are for you all:

  1. Know what you want, why you want it and make sure your desired outcome is ecological (for you and those around you that you care about).

  2. Do something about it – if you don’t take action nothing is going to happen OR if you continue to do what you do nothing is going to change.

  3. Notice what happens – notice what you get from your actions. Are they taking you closer to your goal or further away or are you standing still.

  4. Be flexible – one thing I say time and time again to the people I support is that it is likely your goals will change as you start to open up to your thoughts and emotions. This is fine, it may happen and if it does be flexible and change direction.

  5. Work from the psychology and physiology of excellence – I believe that mind and body (and spirit) are one. Your breathing, posture and physical state also affect your thoughts and emotions. Get yourself in the best possible physical state. Little steps work.


Change is never easy; it is hard breaking bad habits and replacing them for more positive habits. I love watching people change slowly. Until you get all the above in order change will be a struggle.


There are lots of free resources on the website to help you make a start with your goal or your change.

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