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Self Defeating Beliefs

February 26, 2016

We all have thoughts that once we question them we understand the thoughts were irrational. 


These are beliefs we have about ourselves; sometimes they can be self defeating beliefs. What is a belief? It is a perception of reality, or something you were told that you had no reason to doubt. How do you know that you have a self defeating belief? If you are feeling some way you don’t like feeling, you are probably believing something that’s not true.


Choose one limiting belief and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I believe that?

  • Why do I believe that?

  • What seems true about that?

  • What might concern me if that belief were gone? (What might happen that I would not like?)

These questions give you a powerful starter kit for creating happiness beyond belief.   Freedom from your beliefs is life changing.


In the image below the left-hand column are the 12 irrational beliefs, with a rational alternative beside it. Click on the image to view the larger document.


 Next time you have an irrational thought try to think about a rational alternative.


With Love xxxx


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