Benjamin Franklin once said ‘He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else’.

Have you made a start on your journey yet? Do you have a reason why you haven’t started your journey yet? I know from experience that there are lots of reasons not to start making change or to start then stop, then start again then stop. The facts are though, these are just excuses.

The definition of excuse (as a noun) in the Oxford English Dictionary is:

A reason put forward to conceal the real reason for an action; a pretext.

Do you take responsibility for your excuses? Take a minute to think about this….. The words we would generally use when explaining away an excuse would be ‘didn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t’. Do you find yourself using these words and are they part of your everyday vocabulary? Don’t live a life of excuses; make sure you are living your full potential.

Want to learn how NOT to continue to make excuses? Take a look at our ‘Free Articles and Resources’ section as I’ve uploaded a document titled ‘Excuses’ that will help you understand more about the excuses we make, why we make them and how to help combat this type of thinking.

Our ‘Time to Change’ 30 day programme which is part of our Personal Development offering also touches on this point and more.

Here’s to you all changing your thought processes and added a few ‘WILL, SHOULD and COULDs’ to your daily vocabulary.

With Love xxx

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