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Tough Decisions

We all have tough decisions to make on a daily basis. Some are more life changing than others; they could shape your future. When you make a decision is it hampered by how you currently feel or by the past? If you are feeling negative or have negativity in your past (which most of us do) your decision making may be irrational. Here are some hints and tips on ‘how to make a tough decision’. Think Mindset: Have you ever tried writing it down? You can document the decision you need to make and use ‘Cartesian Questions’ (one of our free resources) to discover the advantages and disadvantages of any important decision you need to make. Ensure that you include the impact of other people in your l

Why we do what we do

When I worked in the corporate world one of my colleagues shared a ‘Ted Talk’ with me – if you have never watched a Ted Talk google it, some of them are well worth the listen. This particular ‘Ted Talk’ was from a guy called Simon Sinek and it was called ‘Start with Why’. The video was focused at the business world; however it made me think about it from a personal perspective. We all have busy lives and we don’t generally take the time to ask ourselves ‘why we do what we do’. We think about what we are doing and maybe how we are doing it. We should be focusing on why we are doing something as opposed to what we are actually doing. The ‘why’ is our purpose, cause and belief. Together our pur

There is no failure, only feedback

One of the NLP presuppositions is that ‘There is no Failure, only Feedback’. Everyone has their unique way of perceiving and making sense of the world and as a consequence their own view of what constitutes feedback and what constitutes failure; we are all unique. ‘There is no Failure, only Feedback’ is an easy thing to say but a little harder to embed. Sometimes feedback – if you believe it to be negative – is hard to swallow. However, if you turn that on its head and believe that there is no such thing as failure only results that you can learn from, the thought process changes. Here are some views I’ve picked up around feedback and failure: Viewed positively feedback should enable us to s

Principles of success

One of the techniques I use in my practice is NLP. Where CBT is very action based and it puts the process of change in the hands of the client so that new change becomes conscious/automatic; NLP is different in that we work with the unconscious mind to change erroneous beliefs/values. With NLP and CBT you still need to ‘be in it with purpose’ for change to be successful and have lasting effect. I’m currently studying to get my Master NLP Practitioner certification and I love every minute of it. A few pieces of information I have picked up this week were things I knew already – and I know you will know them too – I just needed to be reminded. If you are on a journey of change you need to unde