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Emotional Freedom Technique

I tend not to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) so much these day, however it is an extremely powerful process. EFT is used to help with the release of a variety of emotional issues. EFT is a simple technique that can be used with an EFT practitioner and/or in the form of self-help. It takes less than one hour to become familiar with the technique. It can help release emotional frustration, anger, upset and much more. It is another tool you can use time and time again and a tool you can easily share with others. EFT is based on an ancient healing principal that is over 5000 years old. It is also based on Thought Field Therapy, or TFT, the founder of which was Dr Roger Callahan. In the ea

How to deal with guilt

Some many people struggle with guilt. Appropriate guilt as an emotion can serve a purpose in that it shows we understand when we may have offended someone, or always put our own interests before others (which isn’t always a bad thing). Guilt can be a warning sign and we can chose to deal with it or ignore it. Guilt becomes unhealthy when it is an inappropriate emotion. For example, if you feel you are a bad parent for going out to work instead of being an at home parent. Another example would be when you appropriately say no to someones request to do something, when you know it isn’t possible for you to do it. Whether the emotion is appropriate or inappropriate the emotion is triggered from