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It seems fitting this week to talk about inspiration. I have been and am blessed to have so many people (and animals) in my life that inspire me, from close friends and family to people who you meet randomly who have a tale to tell that provides you with hidden blessings. I also get inspiration from nature, music, singing birds, the touch of something special, taste; lots of things really. I know how difficult it is if you have a goal that you believe is out of reach; you don’t know where to start or you start and fear gets in the way of you actually making that final leap of faith. I want to share with you all one person who inspired me to forget about fear and grab your dream with both ha


Today’s BLOG is all about the learning how to STOP! We all have the habit of jumping in without first stopping to think, which can often end with us either beating ourselves up or other people ‘beating us up’. Sometimes it’s better to take a moment. Here are some simple techniques which will help you do just that. STOP and step back – don’t act immediately – pause. Pause. Take a breath - notice your breath as you breathe in and out. Take a deep breath and let it go. Observe – what am I thinking and feeling? What are the words that my mind is saying? Is this fact or opinion? Are they descriptions or evaluations? Are they accurate or inaccurate? What unhelpful thinking habits am I using? Obser